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Frames of many sizes, custom made for you from Juniper, Pine, barnwood and many other re-claimed, beautiful woods.

2 barnwood 8X10 with leather corners
3 barnwood with wire 8 X 10's
Angie roping
Angie roping-2
barbwire frame-1
barbwire frame-3  4-25-09
barbwire frame-4  4-25-09
Barnwood with brands
Barnwood with woodburning
Barnwood-old tree
Barnwood-square nails
Bev Doolittle print
Cedar frame Ginger's sketch
Cedar with hair accent
cedar-girl roping
Great grain with leather corners 11 X 14
oak-guys horse roping
Oak-little boy with horses
Pine stained leather accent
Riding Herd signed print
rough-mtn. reflect
Stained cedar with wood burning accent
Stained cedar with wood burning accent detail
Workhorse frame
11 X 14 Juniper with quail photograph
11 X 14 Juniper with rock corral photograph
Arch frame
Branded hide-2
Charlene's picture
Jeff Wissing Juniper frame-2
Juniper frame-2
Juniper frame-4
Juniper frame-5
Juniper frame-6
Juniper frame-8
Juniper frame with riata-1
Juniper frame with riata-2
juniper with extended corners
Juniper with horses
juniper with mare and colt
Juniper with saddles
Yo's pic-1 with frame-3
Yo's pic-2 with frame
Yo's pic-3.with frame jpg
11 by 14 Ash with bark on
16 by 20 Birch with tin corners
Barnwood 8 by 10 with upholstry tacks
Barnwood 11 by 14 with door plate
Barnwood with barbwire 8 by 10
Barnwood with leather corners 8 by 10
Birch 8 by 10
Birch with cut corners 11 by 14
Birch with dark corner accents 11 by 14
Myrtle wood 11 by 14 quail
Poplar with concho

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